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Frequently asked questions
Who creates the art being sold on Fy!
There is a global community of over 5,000 artists who create the amazing art you see on Fy!. Every time you buy art from one of them you’re supporting them and their independent business.
Get to know the artists selling art on Fy! here →
How do I hang art?
To hang art, follow these steps: 1. Choose an appropriate location and consider eye level. 2. Use a level to ensure straight placement. 3. Select suitable hardware based on the artwork's weight and wall type. 4. Measure and mark the desired position. 5. Install hardware, nails, or screws securely. 6. Hang the artwork and adjust as needed for balance and alignment.
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What is the giclee method of printing?
Giclee printing is a high-quality digital printing method used to reproduce fine art. It involves spraying microscopic dots of archival-quality inks onto various substrates, such as canvas or fine art paper. This process ensures vibrant colors, longevity, and exceptional detail, making it popular for art reproduction and limited edition prints.
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Is it OK to have art on every wall?
It is entirely acceptable to have art on every wall, depending on personal preference and the desired aesthetic. Consider the balance and harmony of the overall space, ensuring the art complements the room's theme and doesn't create visual clutter. Selecting a variety of sizes, styles, and themes can contribute to a cohesive and visually engaging decor.
Should you put pictures on every wall?
Whether to put pictures on every wall depends on personal taste and the atmosphere you're trying to create. While decorating all walls can create a cozy, visually appealing space, it's essential to strike a balance. Consider the size of the room, the artwork, and the overall design scheme. A mix of pictures and empty spaces can create an interesting yet relaxing space.
Why are giclee prints more expensive?
Giclee prints are expensive due to their meticulous production process and high-quality materials. The use of archival inks, fine art paper, and precise printing techniques ensures exceptional color accuracy and longevity. Whilst they might be more expensive to buy they will last much longer than lower priced prints.
What is the difference between giclee and standard print?
The main difference between giclee and standard prints lies in the printing process and materials. Giclee employs high-quality archival inks and fine art substrates, resulting in superior color accuracy and longevity. Standard prints typically use regular inks and paper, offering a more affordable but less archival option with lower print quality.
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