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Kitchen Art Prints and Posters

Artistic Inspiration in the Kitchen

Check out what we’re cooking up for your kitchen - graphic art, bold photography, geometric prints, and more. Our kitchen print picks are sure to give you a bit of gourmet-spiration - choose your size and frame, hang up your new piece, and feel those creative cooking juices start to flow.

Dance Kitchen Art Print
Kitchen Art Print

Hear from our Kitchen Art Prints and Posters customers

4.8 (4,746)

Kathryn N.

Verified purchase · 03 Apr 2024

Lovely choice and great service. X. Great picture and really nice frame. Great quality and received very quickly. Perfect.

Riley I.

Verified purchase · 27 Feb 2024

Great products some really different and funky. Some different and eco friendly

Michele .

Verified purchase · 19 Feb 2024

I love it! I will take a photo and send to you :).


Verified purchase · 12 May 2024

Nicely framed - great image!

Anonymous .

Verified purchase · 09 May 2024

This picture makes me chuckle every time I look at it. I love it!


Verified purchase · 09 May 2024

Great quality prompt delivery

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Frequently asked questions
What type of art looks good in a kitchen?
In a kitchen, vibrant and lively art that complements the space's energy and functionality is ideal. Consider selecting food-themed pieces, such as colorful fruit or vegetable prints, to resonate with the culinary atmosphere. Abstract or contemporary artwork with warm tones can add a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the space.
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What pictures look good in a kitchen?
In a kitchen, choose pictures that complement the space and inspire culinary creativity. Opt for food-themed artwork, such as paintings of fruits, vegetables, or culinary scenes. Vintage kitchen prints or photographs of rustic farm scenes can add charm. Consider botanical prints or abstract art with vibrant colors to energize the space. Select pieces that resonate with your taste and enhance the kitchen's ambiance.
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Is it OK to hang art in kitchen?
Yes, it's perfectly fine to hang art in the kitchen. Choose pieces that can withstand heat and moisture, such as prints sealed with protective coatings or metal wall art. Consider themes like food, culinary scenes, or abstract designs to enhance the kitchen's ambiance. Artwork adds personality and visual interest to the space.
What's the best art to have in a kitchen
The most popular types of art work to have in the kitchen include food and drink, abstract art, travel-inspired pieces. To make your kitchen feel light and bright it's best to use large prints full of bright colours such as red, green and orange.
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How to decorate dead space in kitchen?
To decorate dead space in the kitchen, consider functional and aesthetic options. Install floating shelves for storage or display decorative items. Hang artwork or a chalkboard for visual interest. Utilize plants or small appliances to fill empty corners. Incorporate a small table or cart for additional workspace. Customize solutions to suit your needs and enhance the kitchen's ambiance.
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What do you put on a blank kitchen wall?
For a blank kitchen wall, add functional and decorative elements. Install open shelving to display dishes or cookbooks. Hang a collection of vintage kitchen utensils or a decorative clock. Consider a chalkboard or corkboard for notes and recipes. Artwork or framed prints can also add personality and style. Customize to fit your kitchen's aesthetic and needs.
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What colors make a kitchen look big?
Light colors such as white, cream, soft gray, and pale blue create a sense of spaciousness in a kitchen by reflecting natural light and visually expanding the space. Pairing these with light wood tones or metallic accents further enhances the open and airy feel, making the kitchen appear larger.