Fy!'s ultimate guide to buying the perfect wall art for your home

Written by
Rosanna Jones
Published on
February 21, 2023

Wall art is essential to any interior. It brings a touch of creativity and elegance to your home that you couldn’t achieve with bare walls, no matter what shade of paint you have gone for. But when it comes to home design, wall art is often considered an afterthought.

So whether you choose to stick with one particular look throughout your living space or pick a few different styles for each room, consider wall art in your design plans to create a unique look that feels your own. 

With wall art available in different sizes, styles and colours, you’re sure to find pieces that are right for your space and will uplift your entire room. Make a statement with wall art that stands out or complement your interior. In addition, it’s a great conversation starter and gives an insight into your personality and interests.

We have used our years of experience helping our customers find the right art for their interior to inspire you with wall art ideas and guide you through discovering your style. 

Why is art important for your space

Art makes your room complete. If you choose show-stopping furniture for your home, pairing it with fabulous wall art will uplift the look. When you think about it, even after filling your rooms with furniture, bare walls still make up for up to two third of the space. That’s a lot of space you can put your stamp on and give your room that finished look. 

Every living space needs a focal point to draw attention to either quirky and exciting furniture or the different purposes of a room. While wall art can bring a sense of coziness to smaller rooms, it can also help define nooks within an ample open space. 

A vibrant dining space for entertaining family and friends, a quiet reading corner, or a comfy lounge area to kick back and relax. All these spaces can have their very own pieces of wall art to pique your guests’ interest, inspire and soothe. 

Let’s not forget that wall art is also an excellent and affordable way to express yourself and add your personal touch of creativity that can transform your living space.

How to pick art for every room in your home

There’s more to wall art than styling your living space. It triggers emotions. So when incorporating wall art into your design plans, think of how you want each room to make you feel. 

Every room has a different function, so it’s important to choose wall art that reflects the energy of your space. Whether you create harmony and calm with a soothing palette or fill the room with energy with bold and colourful art, it’s entirely up to how you utilise your living space. 

Wall art is very personal and a way to express your style and personality. Therefore, it doesn’t have to match perfectly with your home decor, and you can use it to create contrast. In many cases, creating contrast will bring balance to your space, so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. Whatever type of wall art you set your eyes on will work well whether you have a traditional or a modern house. For example, mix classic interior with abstract wall art to add some peps.

Dining Room

Starting with the room where entertainment takes place. The dining room is where you sit down with family and friends to share meals and stories filled with laughter. 

Go for bold and exciting pieces that energize the space and start conversations. But wall art doesn’t have to be loud or controversial to create a focal point. If that’s not your style, go for oversized art in the hues and themes you like. Gallery walls are also a very effective way to make a statement without the need to be flamboyant.

You can see some dining room art ideas here

Living Room

The living room is a space with a more relaxed atmosphere. Nevertheless, it still deserves a focal point. A gallery wall above your couch with mixed art prints and personal photos will make the room feel cozy and welcoming.

An oversized or bold piece standing above the fireplace or on the barest wall will create a focal point. From there, add other pieces to complement, or even offset the focal point. 

You can also tell a story with a series of prints in a subject that brings continuity to your main piece of wall art.

Check our living room art prints here


The bedroom is your haven and a place to get personal with wall art. 

It’s your sanctuary, where you can unwind and relax, and it should be on your own terms. Go for pieces that make you feel happy. And this is very subjective because what makes you happy depends on your personal tastes and can range from subtle hues to bright, bold colours. Don’t hesitate to mix your wall art with personal photos that bring you happiness. 

Using picture ledges and bedside tables to display your wall art along other decorating objects creates a stylish yet tranquil atmosphere. Plus, you can easily swap your pieces for an instant update.  


The kitchen is the heart of your home. And when it comes to wall decor in the space you are cooking, easy-to-clean frames that protect your art from grease and water splashes are critical. 

Generally, kitchens are well-lit, so bright framed wall art often looks great. Art work relating to food and wine always works well. But don’t be afraid to bring a touch of humour or boldness as the kitchen is the other chosen place of entertainment in your house and goes hand in hand with the dining room. In many homes, these two places even merge into one.


Turn your bathroom from a functional room into a space where you enjoy spending time. Many styles work well. And mixing in some quirky pieces will always bring a smile.

A gallery wall will add an element of chic and elegance and set the mood for relaxation.

  Remember that prints and covered artworks are best for bathrooms, as you don't want them to get damaged due to condensation.

Home office

This is a place where you want to concentrate and work, but it’s also a place to be inspired and motivated. So pieces that empower you are worth adding to the mix. 

Wall art can also be a backdrop for video calls and meetings, so that’s a fantastic opportunity to ascertain your personality and aspirations. Or use it as an icebreaker and a talking point.


Large or small, the hallway is not only the space that introduces people to your home. It’s the space that welcomes you back after a busy day. It’s a transition place from the outside world to your home that should appease you instantly. 

While what you hang in a hallway depends on its size. Small spaces welcome large wall art and a variety of smaller pieces. Either way, you want to create a welcoming space for your guests and yourself. 

As a guide, we would say that your favourite piece should be the large wall art, then you can work from there.

So while there’s a consensus on what function each room has, deciding what wall art to display is a personal choice.

At Fy!, we made it easy for you to shop by theme, room, style, colour or shape. It’s the place where you will get inspired and discover some fabulous art prints, posters and much more.

And with thousands of talented artists creating a wide choice of beautiful art, you can be sure to find what makes you feel excited about the space you live in.

Turn your ideas into unique art

If you want wall art that’s unique to you. Then Fy! Studio is where you need to head to. This tool generates AI art that will turn your ideas, photos or even kids’ drawings into never-seen-before pieces. 

You can either describe your art with words or upload a photo. If you need more inspiration, you can then select styles. For example, Art Deco, Cubistic, 3D render and Pop-Art, amongst others. The AI tool will then generate four unique artworks you can order as a framed print like all Fy! art.

Create your own art on the Fy! Studio

What frame for your wall art

You might consider buying unframed wall art, thinking you’ll have it framed later. But how many of us can remember that rolled-up print purchased a while ago, in a corner, waiting to be framed?

When buying framed wall art, it is more likely to make its way onto your wall. In addition, it will save you time and money. 

Consider safety for your framed wall art. For example, if your house is lively, with children and pets, it’s worth considering alternatives to glass.

Fy! uses Perspex to frame your art. It is safer than glass as less likely to crack, scratch, or smash. Perspex is also much lighter than glass, making mounting art on your walls much more manageable, especially for oversized prints. 

How to mount art on your walls

There are many ways to mount your art around the house. If using nails is not an option, adhesive fixings such as Command Strips or Command Hooks for heavier pieces are perfect for the job. 

Wall art is not just for walls. Prop your framed art on your mantle, furniture or bookshelf. Larger pieces can be positioned on the floor for a stylish, urban style.

Create a gallery wall. Mixing sizes, styles and frames is very effective. There are several ways to create a gallery wall, and they will all give you the desired effect. For an eclectic display, you can group small and medium size wall art that is unrelated but will create interest. Or you can arrange your art in a neat series of prints for gripping storytelling or choose different sizes, styles and frames.

There are things to consider when hanging your art, and we have some expert tips for you to consider.

Picture lights are great  if you’re going for a dramatic look with moody prints on dark walls. Another option is to mount your art directly below your wall light fixtures.

Avoid placing art that isn't protected in direct sunlight. As well as being safer and lighter than glass, Perspex will help protect your prints. And be careful not to hang artwork too close to heat sources.  

Great wall art without costing the earth

When choosing your wall art, you don’t have to compromise on sustainability. 

Fy! use inks that are water-based, non-PVC, 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free & vegan friendly. In addition, our paper is made from pulp sourced from sustainably-managed forests, plastic-free & low-eco impact, organic cotton.

And if you’re wondering about the impact of shipping, your wall art is printed and shipped locally. Unframed prints are carefully rolled & shipped in protective tubes. Framed prints are packed for protection without overusing packaging material.

In addition, every print sold on Fy! will plant a tree.

Key takeaways

Wall art is essential to liven up your home, and it’s an extension of yourself and the reflection of your style and personality, as well as a great conversation starter. 

Choose art that means something to you. Or try AI art to create a unique piece.

Wall art has a place in every room. It will give a finished look to your living space and uplift your walls.

Frames are essential to display your posters and prints. They protect and lift your wall art.

Gallery walls are ideal for creating interest, whether made up of a series of art prints or posters, or an assortment of styles and sizes.

Experiment with the many ways to display wall art. Furniture, mantles, bookshelves and even the floor provide interesting alternatives to walls. And it means you can easily swap art for an instant update.

When looking for home design ideas, wall art will bring together all the elements of your room. But, most importantly, it will energize your living space and positively influence your mood. So remember to include it in your home design plans early.