Start with Art: Part 1 - Why is art important?

Written by
Rosanna Jones
Published on
February 13, 2024

Thinking about buying some artwork or prints to spice up your space, but not really sure where to start – or whether it’ll make an impact? We know firsthand how a perfectly placed print, a trio of posters or a full-sized gallery wall can transform the mood of a room, which is why we’ve created the ultimate 7-part guide to art for first-timers. 

Read on to explore how and why wall art (in every shade, style and size) can make your house a home. 

Art can make your home feel more like you

 As the old adage goes, your home is your happy place. So that’s why we should decorate them in a way that represents who we are, reminds us of the things we enjoy and takes us back to the places we miss. From song lyric posters that remind us of good times spent at festivals with our friends, to cocktail and food illustrations that conjure up great mealtime memories, and cityscape prints that transport us to our favourite holiday destinations – inject personality by choosing art that reflects the things you love most. 

A simple (and renter-friendly) way to add colour & print

Hanging art prints is an easy, renter-friendly way to breathe some life into our spaces. If you can’t wallpaper the living room without saying goodbye to your security deposit (or you’re just too nervous to make the commitment), try a bold canvas print across one wall or a gallery of framed art instead. And if you’re lacking green space, botanical illustrations and prints can add some natural colour and texture to your home (without the need for watering). 

Wall art brings a room together

Wondering why your newly decorated room is feeling not-quite-so-finished? Despite the fresh coat of paint and newly laid carpet, it’s the little details, like framed art prints and posters, that make your place feel more inviting. Whether it’s a colour-pop print hanging in the hallway, abstract art above the sofa or a vintage poster hanging in the white space between furniture – art draws the eye and adds another layer of interest to your space. 

The mood-boosting power of art

We know that colour can affect our moods and emotions – so if you’re looking to bring more calm to your kids’ bedrooms or more get-up-and-go energy to your work-from-home space, choose art that correlates with the right colour for your needs. Serene blue, green and grey canvases can soothe and relax, while bold yellow, orange and purple prints can help to inspire creativity in your home office. 

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