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Abstract Wall Art

Art That Makes You Think

Take a step back, let the art do the talking. Abstract is all about looking at the bigger picture – leaving the details out and letting the piece do its thing. Expect lots of shapes, colours and surrealist visuals to be at play here – perfect for putting some va va voom into your home decor.

Green 2 Art Print
Echinacea 2 Art Print
Padstow Art Print
Music Me Art Print
Sea Sun Art Print
Path Art Print
From $27$19
Green Sea Art Print
Neven Art Print
From $26$18
Clay 2 Art Print
From $27$19
True Pink Art Print
Clay 1 Art Print
From $27$19
Green Spring Art Print
Ebb Art Print
From $55$38
Mid Century Art Print
Comfort Art Print
Scallop Teal Art Print
Black 02 Art Print
Simple 2 Art Print
Circles Art Print

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Nikhil A.

Verified purchase · 24 Feb 2024

Good product. Free shipping Price is reasonable App is easy to use. Clear print Quality paper Thick paper


Verified purchase · 12 May 2024

Nicely framed - great image!

Anonymous .

Verified purchase · 09 May 2024

This picture makes me chuckle every time I look at it. I love it!


Verified purchase · 09 May 2024

Great quality prompt delivery

Sofia G.

Verified purchase · 03 May 2024

Good Products & fast delivery. A good Picture

Peter D.

Verified purchase · 03 May 2024

I love all the different things you have so much choice. Really excellent service. Good prices to. . Fantastic pictures done funny some cute all lovely

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Frequently asked questions
What defines art as abstract?
Art is considered abstract when it departs from representational accuracy and instead emphasizes shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to evoke emotion or convey ideas. Abstract art does not attempt to depict reality in a recognizable manner but rather explores subjective interpretations and non-literal representations.
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Is Picasso's art abstract?
Picasso's art encompasses various styles and periods, including abstract elements. While he is best known for his Cubist works, which often feature abstracted forms and fractured perspectives, Picasso's artistic career also included periods of realism, surrealism, and other movements. His innovative approach to representation and exploration of form make his art influential in the development of abstract art.
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Which are characteristics of abstract art?
Characteristics of abstract art include: Non-representational: Abstract art does not aim to depict recognizable objects or scenes from the natural world. Emphasis on form and color: Abstract artists focus on shapes, lines, colors, and textures to convey emotion, ideas, or concepts. Expressive: Abstract art often evokes subjective interpretations and emotional responses from viewers. Simplification: Abstract artists may simplify or distort forms to create compositions that prioritize aesthetic impact over realism. Freedom of interpretation: Abstract art encourages viewers to interpret and engage with the artwork based on their own experiences and perceptions.
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What is the difference between abstract art and regular art?
The main difference between abstract art and regular art lies in their approach to representation. Regular art, often referred to as representational or figurative art, aims to depict recognizable objects, people, or scenes from the natural world in a realistic or recognizable manner. In contrast, abstract art does not attempt to portray the physical appearance of subjects but instead focuses on shapes, colors, lines, and forms to convey emotion, ideas, or concepts. Abstract art prioritizes aesthetic expression and interpretation over literal representation, inviting viewers to engage with the artwork on a more subjective and emotional level.
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Who is the most famous abstract artist?
One of the most famous abstract artists is Wassily Kandinsky. A pioneer of abstract art, Kandinsky's work explores the spiritual and emotional aspects of color and form. His innovative use of abstraction paved the way for the development of non-representational art in the early 20th century, making him a seminal figure in the history of modern art.
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