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Colourful Art Prints

Show your true colours

Art is a great way of introducing colour and pattern to your home, as well as injecting some personality. Mix an array of artistic styles, from pop art to impressionism, for a cool and eclectic feel, something for everyone to make your walls pop!


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4.8 (4,746)

Michelle .

Verified purchase · 04 Apr 2024

Very happy with the quality of my print and the timely manner it was delivered.😊. The service and quality is excellent.

Benjamin G.

Verified purchase · 04 Apr 2024

Love the prints! I messed up an order and Fy made it super easy to fix, the customer service was great!. Lake house perfection.

Benjamin E.

Verified purchase · 04 Apr 2024

Quick service, good quality product. . It was exactly as advertised, with plenty of options

Ana L.

Verified purchase · 04 Apr 2024

I love the huge variety of talented artists whose prints and cushion covers are sold through Fy! Customer service is excellent, especially posting and packaging. Just wish I had wall-space for more vibrant fun prints.. Vibrant art prints look fantastic in my home. Check out the huge range of artists. You will certainly fall in love and find pieces for your walls.

Jennifer M.

Verified purchase · 04 Apr 2024

Love the stuff. Easy orders. When there is a question or problem customer service is great. Thank you . Cool, stylish, unusual

Zain W.

Verified purchase · 04 Apr 2024

I have bought numerous items from FY. The product is always excellent and the service the best.. High quality, distinctive, uniqie

Frequently asked questions
What colour boosts creativity?
While individual responses to colors can vary, some studies suggest that certain colors may promote creativity. One color often associated with boosting creativity is blue. Blue is thought to stimulate the mind, increase productivity, and evoke feelings of calmness and focus, which can enhance creative thinking. Additionally, green is another color believed to foster creativity, as it is associated with nature, growth, and balance, providing a sense of renewal and inspiration. However, the impact of colors on creativity can depend on personal preferences and cultural associations.
How do I choose the right colour art for my room?
Selecting the perfect color art for your room involves various considerations. Assess your room's existing color scheme, encompassing walls, furniture, and accents. Opt for art that harmonizes with or contrasts these tones effectively. Determine the desired mood and ambiance; tranquil settings suit serene blues or greens, while energetic spaces benefit from vibrant reds or oranges. Consider the room's size and layout, choosing artworks that complement the space. Ultimately, prioritize personal preference and test how lighting conditions affect color before finalizing your choice. This thoughtful approach ensures that your chosen art enhances your room's aesthetic and reflects your unique style and taste.
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What is the most calming colour for art
The most calming color for art often varies from person to person, but many find shades of blue to be particularly soothing. Blue is associated with calmness, serenity, and tranquility, evoking feelings of peace and relaxation. Soft pastel tones, such as pale greens and lavenders, can also have a calming effect. Ultimately, the calming effect of a color can depend on individual preferences and associations.