How to display wall art in a rented home without it costing your deposit

Written by
Rosanna Jones
Published on
November 29, 2022

Just because you’re in a rented home it doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal touch  to the space. Printed wall art is the quickest way to transform your space as the right print is often all you need to turn an empty box into a space full of character.  Here are our top tips for displaying art without it costing you your deposit:

  1. Sticky hanging strips

If there aren’t any existing hooks in your walls then double sided sticky strips are a great way for you to hang your framed wall art without damaging the paint work. If you’re using a larger print then make sure you’ve used enough strips to support the full weight of the frame.

  1. Shelfies are taking over

If you’ve got any spare shelf space in your home then they are great place to display your wall art without marking the walls. Like a gallery wall you can create instant impact in your space with a range of different styles prints. Here are few ideas to get your started.

Shelfie design idea by @38bythesea⁠
  1. Check with your landlord

They can get a bad press but not all landlords are evil! Most of them will just want you to look after the place like it was your own so it’s always worth asking if you can add some hooks to the walls. If they agree then make sure you take pictures of the wall before and after so have a record of it for when the time comes to move on. If they aren’t willing to let you add your own hooks then magnetic frames are a great way to display wall art from any existing fixtures and fittings.

Hopefully with these simple steps you will be able to transform your rental into a space which feels really homely. To get you started explore our latest wall art trends here.

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