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Living Room Art Prints and Posters

Art You Can Live With

Time to make a statement. The living room is all about showstopping pieces you’re showcasing to the world. Check out our selection of cool word art, classic map prints, decorative wall hangings, and more - all sure to give your guests some serious interior envy.

Female World Art Print
Pulp Fiction Art Print
Tulips Art Print
From $27$20
Green 2 Art Print
Don'T Rush Me Art Print
Donut Plant Art Print
Big Cup Art Print
Fy 7 Art Print
From $25$19
Paris Door Art Print

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4.8 (4,746)


Verified purchase · 09 May 2024

Great quality prompt delivery

Maureen .

Verified purchase · 03 Apr 2024

Jaden Y.

Verified purchase · 03 Apr 2024

Excellent selections available, VERY easy ordering experience, beautiful finished product! We have ordered seven separate framed pieces from Fy so far! We are always very satisfied with our experience! . Unique pieces and lets us show our personalities through art throughout our home at a reasonable cost.

Amber C.

Verified purchase · 03 Apr 2024

Best buying experience . Perfect


Verified purchase · 01 Apr 2024

Papier de belle qualité, belle image.

Anonymous .

Verified purchase · 18 Mar 2024

not damaged, true to size, colors could be stronger

Frequently asked questions
What kind of wall art is best for a living room?
The best wall art for a living room depends on personal taste and the room's style. Large paintings or prints make bold statements, while a gallery wall adds visual interest. Mirrors enhance light and space. Consider textiles, sculptures, or a mix for eclectic flair. Choose pieces that reflect your personality and complement the room's decor.
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Where do I start redecorating my living room?
Begin redecorating your living room by defining your style and desired atmosphere. Assess existing furniture and decor, noting what to keep, replace, or repurpose. Consider layout options and focal points. Choose a color scheme and select key elements such as a rug, sofa, and wall art. Experiment, and gradually build your ideal space.
What should you consider when choosing large wall art for your living room?
When choosing large wall art for your living room, consider the following: Scale: Opt for a piece that fits the wall's size without overwhelming the space. Theme and Style: Align the artwork with your living room's decor theme and style for cohesion. Color Palette: Choose colors that complement or contrast with your existing color scheme. Subject Matter: Select a subject or theme that resonates with you and complements the room's purpose. Framing: Consider the frame style to enhance the overall aesthetic. Personal Connection: Choose art that holds personal meaning or resonates with your taste to create a more meaningful and enjoyable living space.
How do I make my living room look like an art gallery?
To transform your living room into an art gallery, start by decluttering and creating a neutral backdrop to let the art shine. Install gallery-style lighting to highlight pieces effectively. Curate a diverse collection of artworks, mixing sizes, styles, and mediums. Use minimalist furniture and arrange pieces strategically for maximum impact.
What kind of wall art is best for a living room?
The best wall art for a living room depends on the room's style and your personal preferences. Consider large paintings, framed prints, or a gallery wall for a classic look. Mirrors can add depth and brightness. Textile art, sculptures, or a mix of various pieces can enhance eclectic or modern aesthetics. Choose art that complements the color scheme and contributes to the overall atmosphere of the living room.
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