The ultimate guide for living room wall decor and art

Written by
Rosanna Jones
Published on
January 8, 2024

Decorating living room walls, especially on a budget, requires creativity and thoughtful planning. Let's explore strategies to enhance your living room's ambiance with wall decor, wall art and other ideas.

How can you Jazz up your living room?

Incorporate statement pieces like oversized mirrors, bold wallpapers, or a gallery wall arrangement to inject personality and vibrancy into your living space. Adding just one framed art print can transform your living room in a matter of seconds.

Should every wall in a living room have something on it?

It's not necessary to have wall decor on every wall of your living room. It's best to emphasize focal points like the fireplace or main seating area while leaving some walls bare to maintain visual balance and avoid clutter.

Should pictures be odd or even on a living room wall?

Both odd and even numbers of artwork in a living room can work. Odd numbers tend to create a more dynamic visual, but even numbers can be arranged symmetrically for a balanced look. So decide on your the style you're trying to create in your living room and go from there.

What is the rule for living room wall art?

There's no fixed rule when it comes to living room wall art. Harmonize art placement with furniture and room proportions. Mix sizes, textures, and mediums for an engaging display. As well as living room prints have personal pictures to make your living room feel homely.

Living room gallery wall

How can I make my plain living room wall look better?

There are many ways to make a plain living room look better and more interesting. Simple things like adding texture with peel-and-stick wallpapers, showcasing a collection of plates or a DIY wall hanging will infuse character into a plain wall. Gallery walls with a mix of prints and photos will also transform a plain wall very quickly and affordably.

How do you start decorating a living room wall?

Start with a focal point—a large artwork, mirror, or gallery wall—and gradually add complementary pieces and decor around it. If you have a fire place or a large sofa then start with the wall above those then work from there. Don't forget to take into account how the light in the room will change during the day.

How can you decorate a living room on a low budget?

Explore cost-effective options like DIY artwork, framed fabric, or repurposed items like plates, baskets, or vintage maps to add character without overspending. You can often find these items in charity shops and local markets.

How do you fill a large empty living room wall?

Consider large-scale art, shelving units with decorative items, a statement clock, or an accent wall with textured paint or wallpaper. Gallery walls are also a simple way to fill a large space quickly.

Which wall should be a feature in a living room?

Designate the wall behind the sofa or the one with the fireplace as a feature wall. Emphasize it with art, a mural, or a distinct paint color or wallpaper.

How do you decorate a large wall in a room with a TV?

Frame the TV with a gallery wall, shelving, or a large piece of art to balance its visual impact and create a cohesive look within the room's layout.

Enhancing your living room walls doesn't require a substantial budget. With creative ideas and strategic planning, you can transform these spaces into captivating displays that reflect your style and personality. Whether through DIY projects, rearranging existing decor, or judiciously adding new elements, allow your living room walls to tell your unique story without breaking the bank. You can see Fy!'s latest living room design ideas here.

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