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Contemporary Art Prints and Posters

Art on the Cutting Edge

These aren’t your mum’s oil paintings. Our curated selection of modern art prints will add some enviable contemporary flair to your home. From the colourful to the monochromatic, the minimalist to the maximalist, our modern art posters come ready to frame on wood mounts and your choice of handcrafted frame.

Sennen Cove  Art Print
Path Art Print
From $27$20
Wine Break Art Print
Poppy Art Print
From $27$20
Sandy Bay Art Print
Feel Good Art Print
Ebb Art Print
From $55$41
Green 1 Art Print
Sea Sun Art Print
Cornish Art Print
Mix Art Print
From $27$20
Simple 2 Art Print

Hear from our Contemporary Art Prints and Posters customers

4.8 (4,746)

Amara K.

Verified purchase · 23 Mar 2024

Very speedy delivery and print looks great. . Lovely quality framed print.

Tammy T.

Verified purchase · 22 Mar 2024

Reliable, simple and good quality. Thank you. Picture with style

Logan F.

Verified purchase · 21 Mar 2024

I liked the print very much, was good quality paper, arrived well packaged and in good time.. Good buy

Ayaan L.

Verified purchase · 20 Mar 2024

The variety of art works is amazing! The delivery was also prompt. By the way I meant to click 10. A large, colourful and contemporary print suitable for a young man's room.

Natasha T.

Verified purchase · 18 Mar 2024

Great prints good price Fast delivery 👌. Unique, good quality, eye-catching

Jordan L.

Verified purchase · 13 Mar 2024

Arrived swiftly , looks great . Love the oucture

Frequently asked questions
What is the opposite of contemporary art?
The opposite of contemporary art is typically referred to as traditional or historical art. Traditional art encompasses styles, techniques, and subject matters that were prevalent in art movements of the past, such as Renaissance, Baroque, Romanticism, Realism, and Impressionism, among others. While contemporary art reflects current artistic trends and practices, traditional art adheres to established conventions, often drawing inspiration from historical periods, classical themes, and techniques passed down through generations.
How do you know if art is Contemporary?
Art is considered contemporary if it reflects current artistic trends, practices, and concerns. It's often created by living artists or those whose work engages with contemporary issues, materials, and technologies. Characteristics of contemporary art include experimentation, diversity of media, incorporation of new technologies, engagement with current social, political, and cultural issues, and a departure from traditional artistic conventions. Additionally, contemporary art is often showcased in galleries, museums, and exhibitions focused on contemporary art.
What is a contemporary print?
A contemporary print is a print created by an artist who is alive today or whose work reflects current artistic trends and practices. It encompasses various printmaking techniques such as lithography, etching, screen printing, and digital printing. Contemporary prints often explore a wide range of themes, styles, and concepts, reflecting the diversity of contemporary art practices and reflecting the current cultural landscape.
What's the difference between Contemporary and Modern art
Contemporary art refers to works created by artists living today, reflecting current societal, cultural, and technological influences. Modern art, on the other hand, refers to a period roughly from the 1860s to the 1970s, characterized by a break from traditional forms and a focus on experimentation and abstraction. While modern art is a historical period, contemporary art is ongoing and reflects the present moment.