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Bold Boho Bedroom Decor

Boho Bedroom Idea By @my_grey_place

The aura of a room is defined by so much more than the colour. Let this collection bring a new level to your bedroom, combining striking bold colours and boho accents throughout the space. Let the lavish blush-coloured linen bedding bring a luxurious feel to your sleeping quarters. Use hand-drawn art pieces bring definition without the use of colour.

Hands Art Print
From $26$19
Abol Art Print
From $27$20
Face Art Print
From $31$23
Raphael Art Print
Megan Art Print
From $31$23
Tippy Toes Art Print
Nude 10 Art Print
Beauty Art Print
From $31$23
Nude Art Print
From $27$20
S14 Square Art Print
Cecil Art Print
From $26$19
Faces 2 Art Print
Nude Pastel Art Print
Geometric Art Print
Faces 9 Art Print
Minmod 2 Art Print
Nude 12 Art Print
Hands Up Art Print
Boredom Line Art Print
Boy Art Print
From $25$19
Moody Bw Art Print
Watch Out Art Print
Dream On 2 Art Print
Koi Art Print
From $27$20
Mntn Art Print
From $26$19
Abol Square Art Print
Lovers Art Print
From $26$19

Hear from our Bold Boho Bedroom Decor customers

4.8 (4,746)

Katarina V.

Verified purchase · 15 Feb 2024

I am new to the site. This first delivery was different . From UPS to USPS lost tracking info. Poster type drawing, framed

Dante K.

Verified purchase · 03 Jun 2024

Great product! Delivered ASAP. I got this cool Avatar print-- loved it! Great quality!

Edwin M.

Verified purchase · 03 Jun 2024

Amazing quality!. Absolutely stunning quality!

Bonnie S.

Verified purchase · 03 Jun 2024

I ordered 4 prints & every one of them exceeded my expectations! . Beautiful & unique selection of prints.

Oscar F.

Verified purchase · 03 Jun 2024

I liked the drawings . Very difficult because the choice may be mine and not every bodies choice

Nikita M.

Verified purchase · 03 Jun 2024

Excellent customer service and quality of art. Fun prints that make me smile