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My Loft 580 Taupe Rug by Obsession

  • Rug Size: 120x120(cm), 120x170(cm), 160x160(cm), 160x230(cm), 200x290(cm), 80 x 150 cm
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My Loft is OBSESSION's designer carpet for the character strong among you! What we mean by that comes down like a smoky barbecue in the wild, like an off-road tour into recalcitrant freedom - like an adventure without compromise! Part of our NATIVE-NATURAL NATURAL LINE made of wool-viscose-blend, the material was coarsely looped, resulting in an original texture that stands out from the ordinary feel and makes it look small, the colors are reduced and minerally pure held.Order the designer carpet My Loft from OBSESSION and redirect your home philosophy!

Measurements: 80 x 150(cm); 120 x 120(cm); 120 x 170(cm); 160 x 160(cm); 160 x 230(cm); 200 x 290(cm) in option

Materials: Pile-Wool & Viscose Mixture ; Back-Cotton Braid