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Orange Art Prints and Posters

Put some Vitamin C in your Art

D’you know why nothing rhymes with orange? Because there’s just nothing else quite like it. A vibey colour teeming with confidence - these orange wall art prints are for those looking to make a statement.

Oranges Art Print
Vitamin Art Print
Owl Orange Art Print
Orange Art Print
From $27$19
Orange Vase Art Print
Orange Lady Art Print
Orange Tree Art Print
Oranges Art Print
Aura Orange Art Print

Hear from our Orange Art Prints and Posters customers

4.8 (4,746)


Verified purchase · 12 May 2024

Nicely framed - great image!

Anonymous .

Verified purchase · 09 May 2024

This picture makes me chuckle every time I look at it. I love it!


Verified purchase · 09 May 2024

Great quality prompt delivery

Sofia G.

Verified purchase · 03 May 2024

Good Products & fast delivery. A good Picture

Peter D.

Verified purchase · 03 May 2024

I love all the different things you have so much choice. Really excellent service. Good prices to. . Fantastic pictures done funny some cute all lovely

Shiro H.

Verified purchase · 03 May 2024

Speedy delivery lovely quality.

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Interior Trend: Freshly Squeezed Artwork

Discover our edit of the best orange wall art pieces to add a burst of colour to your home.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the mystical meaning of orange?
In mysticism, the color orange often symbolizes energy, vitality, and creativity. It is associated with the sacral chakra, which governs emotions, creativity, and relationships. Orange is believed to promote enthusiasm, joy, and a sense of adventure. In some spiritual practices, it represents transformation, as it combines the passionate energy of red with the uplifting qualities of yellow. Orange is also linked to the element of fire, symbolizing warmth, passion, and spiritual illumination.
What color is orange spiritually?
Spiritually, the color orange is often associated with qualities such as creativity, vitality, and enthusiasm. It is connected to the sacral chakra, which is located in the lower abdomen and is associated with emotions, creativity, and sexuality. Orange is considered to promote feelings of joy, warmth, and inspiration, encouraging individuals to express themselves creatively and pursue their passions. Additionally, orange is sometimes associated with transformation and change, as it combines the energy of red with the optimism of yellow, symbolizing the potential for growth and renewal.
Does orange symbolize creativity?
Yes, orange is often associated with creativity. As a warm and vibrant color, orange can stimulate imaginative thinking, inspire artistic expression, and encourage innovative ideas. It represents the fusion of the passionate energy of red with the uplifting qualities of yellow, creating a dynamic and stimulating hue that fosters creativity and originality. In art, design, and various creative endeavors, orange is frequently used to evoke feelings of inspiration, spontaneity, and enthusiasm, making it a symbolic color for creativity and innovation.
What does orange mean in art therapy?
In art therapy, the color orange can carry various meanings depending on the context and individual interpretation. Generally, orange is associated with emotions and qualities such as creativity, vitality, enthusiasm, and warmth. When used in art therapy, orange may represent feelings of energy, passion, and excitement. It can also symbolize a desire for self-expression, creativity, and exploration. Additionally, orange may be used to evoke sensations of comfort, optimism, and joy, fostering a sense of warmth and positivity within the therapeutic process. Ultimately, the meaning of orange in art therapy is deeply personal and may vary from person to person based on their unique experiences and associations with the color.
What characteristic does orange represent?
Orange embodies a variety of characteristics, each with its own significance: Energy: Often linked with vitality and action, orange fosters feelings of enthusiasm and motivation, spurring activity and energy. Creativity: Tied closely to innovation, orange sparks imaginative thinking and artistic expression, igniting inspiration and creativity. Warmth: As a warm color, orange evokes a sense of coziness and comfort, creating a welcoming atmosphere wherever it's used. Optimism: Recognized for its positivity, orange uplifts moods and instills hopefulness and joy, brightening any space it inhabits. Socialization: Sometimes associated with sociability, orange encourages communication and collaboration, fostering connections with others. Courage: In certain contexts, orange symbolizes courage and confidence, providing strength and motivation to tackle challenges head-on and take risks. Overall, orange stands as a dynamic and adaptable color, embodying a spectrum of characteristics that make it a significant symbol across various contexts.
What does orange symbolize in graphic design?
In graphic design, orange holds various meanings and elicits diverse emotions based on its context and application. Orange often signifies creativity, innovation, and originality, embodying artistic expression and imaginative thinking. It exudes energy, vitality, and enthusiasm, infusing designs with excitement and liveliness. As a warm hue, orange evokes feelings of comfort and coziness, fostering a welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, it conveys optimism, positivity, and joy, uplifting moods and instilling hopefulness. Its high visibility makes it ideal for grabbing attention and highlighting key elements or calls to action, while its association with youthfulness, playfulness, and exuberance appeals to younger audiences, imparting a sense of fun and excitement. Overall, orange proves itself a versatile color in graphic design, adept at conveying a spectrum of emotions and messages within design compositions.