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Kids Art Prints and Posters

Art for the Tykes

They grow up so fast! Wave bye to the nursery, and hello to their big-boy/girl room. A fresh coat of paint means you need some fresh art - so check out our selection of kid-approved art prints and posters, from colourful geometric prints to wild animal art and more.

All Kids Art Prints and Posters
Sea And Sun Art Print
Fashion Cat Art Print
Kids Rules Art Print
Cat Bowie Art Print
Spotted Cat Art Print
Croco Rock Art Print
Happy Crab Art Print
Pineapple II Art Print
Cat Elton Art Print
Banana III Art Print
Cat Tupac Art Print
World Map Art Print
T Rex Art Print
From $27$20
Et Art Print
From $27$20
Happy Giraffe Art Print
Banana Cat Art Print
Cat Freddie Art Print
Fishes Art Print
From $29$22
Get Up Art Print
From $27$20

Hear from our Kids Art Prints and Posters customers

4.8 (4,746)


Verified purchase · 15 Mar 2024

I loved this design! I love wine(!) and the town I live in has an association with peacocks (they roam the grounds of the stately home just off the high street). It was the perfect print. When I received it, because of the large white border around the image, the print was much smaller than I had hoped. But customer services refunded the original print and allowed me to order a replacement in the larger size at no cost. So I was very happy with both the product and the service from Fy! I have bought from them a number of times, and will continue to do so :o)


Verified purchase · 10 Mar 2024

Simple clean design with a great retro touch to compliment my theme

Joan U.

Verified purchase · 03 Mar 2024

Love the pic and it was packaged so nicely . A fine art meme print

Ryan B.

Verified purchase · 19 Feb 2024

I absolutely love the print I ordered however Fy partner with a shipping company who are haphazard with their delivery to my work address. . Yet another whimsical Bowie-esque print.

Rachel S.

Verified purchase · 15 Feb 2024

Great products, great service..

Lois W.

Verified purchase · 03 Feb 2024

Fy! Blog: Insights, Trends, and Expert Tips for Kids Art Prints and Posters

Room Looks

Creating a cosy haven for little ones: artful ideas for kids' bedrooms

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How to

Ultimate guide to decorating a child's bedroom

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Frequently asked questions
What type of art is good for a kids bedroom?
Art for a kid's bedroom should be colorful, imaginative, and stimulating. Consider playful illustrations, whimsical characters, or scenes from their favorite stories to spark creativity and imagination. Interactive art, such as chalkboard walls or magnetic boards, encourages hands-on exploration. Personalized art featuring their name or interests adds a special touch. Ultimately, choose art that reflects their personality and interests while fostering a sense of joy and wonder.
What colours of art are good for a kids bedroom?
In a kid's bedroom, vibrant and cheerful colors are ideal to create a lively and playful atmosphere. Consider bright shades like red, yellow, and blue to stimulate creativity and energy. Pastel hues such as soft pink, light blue, and mint green can evoke a calming and soothing ambiance. Additionally, incorporating a mix of colors through playful patterns and designs can add excitement and personality to the space.
Should I hang art in my child's bedroom
Hanging art in your child's bedroom can enhance their environment and stimulate creativity. Choose age-appropriate artwork featuring whimsical characters, animals, or scenes from their favorite stories to spark imagination. Consider safety measures like securing artwork properly to prevent accidents. Personalized pieces or art created by your child can foster a sense of ownership and pride in their space. Ultimately, art can contribute positively to their room's ambiance and development.