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Galaxy Eyes

A New Dimension of Awesome

Created in 2011, Galaxy Eyes is all about colors, cheerfulness and natural elements and music. Galaxy Eyes wants to spread joy through high-quality and accessible products and we are here for it!

AsIf 1
17% OFF!AsIf 1
Falesia II
17% OFF!Falesia II
Falesia III
17% OFF!Falesia III
17% OFF!Floralia
Gravity II
17% OFF!Gravity II
Girls [Red]
17% OFF!Girls [Red]
Gravity III
17% OFF!Gravity III
17% OFF!Nebula
Into The Sun
17% OFF!Into The Sun
Livre [Pink]
17% OFF!Livre [Pink]
Salt Water
17% OFF!Salt Water
Sprinkles II
17% OFF!Sprinkles II
17% OFF!Solo
Sorbet V
17% OFF!Sorbet V
Sprinkles I
17% OFF!Sprinkles I
Woman Rise I
17% OFF!Woman Rise I
Verano I
17% OFF!Verano I
Solo Cushion
16% OFF!Solo Cushion

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