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Boho Wall Decor

Decor For The Non-Conformist In You

Boho design has taken the world by storm since the 2000s and for good reason: not only does it look absolutely fabulous, it creates a welcoming, homey feel in any room. If you’re looking to celebra

Boho design has taken the world by storm since the 2000s and for good reason: not only does it look absolutely fabulous, it creates a welcoming, homey feel in any room. If you’re looking to celebrate your inner artiste our selection of boho wall decor will work a treat.

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4.8 (4,746)

Dante K.

Verified purchase · 03 Jun 2024

Great product! Delivered ASAP. I got this cool Avatar print-- loved it! Great quality!

Edwin M.

Verified purchase · 03 Jun 2024

Amazing quality!. Absolutely stunning quality!

Bonnie S.

Verified purchase · 03 Jun 2024

I ordered 4 prints & every one of them exceeded my expectations! . Beautiful & unique selection of prints.

Oscar F.

Verified purchase · 03 Jun 2024

I liked the drawings . Very difficult because the choice may be mine and not every bodies choice

Nikita M.

Verified purchase · 03 Jun 2024

Excellent customer service and quality of art. Fun prints that make me smile

Arya N.

Verified purchase · 03 Jun 2024

The product are amazing, I have ordered a few things already and more in my wishing list...

Frequently asked questions
What is Bohemian art?
Bohemian art refers to a style of art associated with the Bohemian lifestyle, characterized by unconventional, free-spirited, and non-conformist attitudes. It often incorporates elements of romanticism, symbolism, and exoticism, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures, folklore, and nature. Bohemian artists often reject mainstream artistic norms and embrace experimentation, spontaneity, and individual expression. The term "bohemian" also historically refers to a cultural movement associated with artists, writers, and intellectuals who lived alternative lifestyles, challenging societal norms and values.
What's the difference between Bohemian and Boho
"Bohemian" originally referred to unconventional individuals from Bohemia, later symbolizing a lifestyle rejecting societal norms. It encompasses a broader cultural movement. "Boho" is a shortened form, denoting a specific fashion, decor, and lifestyle inspired by the bohemian ethos, featuring eclectic elements like ethnic patterns, vintage pieces, and natural materials. While "bohemian" denotes a lifestyle, "boho" refers to a fashion and aesthetic style.
Who is a famous Boho artist?
One famous boho artist is Frida Kahlo. Kahlo, a Mexican painter known for her distinctive style and self-portraits, embraced bohemian ideals through her art and personal life. Her work often explored themes of identity, feminism, and Mexican culture, reflecting her unconventional and free-spirited approach to both art and life.
Was Picasso a Bohemian?
While Picasso was not typically associated with the bohemian lifestyle in the same way as some other artists, he did exhibit certain bohemian traits at various points in his life. Picasso was known for his unconventional lifestyle, which included numerous romantic relationships, experimentation with different artistic styles, and a rejection of societal norms. However, his fame and success also aligned with more mainstream artistic circles, making his relationship with bohemianism complex and multifaceted.
What does Bohemian art style look like?
Bohemian art style is characterized by its eclectic and free-spirited nature. It often incorporates vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and organic textures. Bohemian artworks may feature elements inspired by nature, such as flowers, animals, and landscapes, as well as cultural motifs from around the world. The style embraces a sense of spontaneity and individuality, with artists often mixing different mediums and techniques to create visually rich and emotionally expressive compositions