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Round Lea Felt Ball Rug in Salmon Pink by myfelt


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Sizes & Options

  • Rug Size: Ø 120 cm, Ø 140 cm, Ø 90cm

Product Details

Felt ball rug, Lea, convinces with its embracing radiance. Their strong salmon tone is not only flattering to the home. Furniture and interiors are also given a special touch by the sunny, warm and unobtrusively luminous color tone. In a charming way, Lea creates a modern and elegant living atmosphere that captivates every observer. Whether round or square, as a raised felt ball rug or pure felt rug, Lea provides noble coziness and joie de vivre. In no time at all, she succeeds in integrating herself into existing living concepts in order to create a perfect place of beauty.

Size Options

Ø 90 cm (H) 2 cm

Ø 120 cm (H) 2 cm

Ø 140 cm (H) 2 cm

Materials: New Zealand virgin wool

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