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Round Hella Felt Ball Rug in Light Natural by myfelt


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Sizes & Options

  • Rug Size: Ø 120 cm, Ø 140 cm, Ø 90cm

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Product Details

Keep it simple - elegant understatement all along the line. Light and tasteful, Hella refreshes every room while relying on functionality and form. Hella convinces purists with its clear and simple coloring. Warm pastel white goes hand in hand with reduced nuances of slate grey, a guarantee for more coziness. Their light character comes into its own in combination with a wide variety of living objects and furniture. Hella's soft and warm surface provides both comfort and a feel-good experience. The felt ball rug becomes a beautiful accessory within your own four walls.

Size Options

Ø 90 cm (H) 2 cm

Ø 120 cm (H) 2 cm

Ø 140 cm (H) 2 cm

Materials: New Zealand virgin wool

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