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RÄT / Anthracite Baby Throw by eldblå

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A small & warm throw for the little ones, hand-knitted in naturally grey, 100% Gotlandic wool.

The Gotlandic sheep graze the landscapes of the island and sometime plant parts that get stuck in their pelt appear in the yarn. Most times it falls out by itself. If not, you can use your fingers to take it away if you like.

Since the wool fibre is stain repellant, it doesn’t need to be washed very often.

Each product can differ some in measurement, that is because our items are hand-knitted and every one of our artisans has their unique touch to the work.

The wool we use has not been dyed or bleeched - we like to call the colors natural.

Care instructions - air regularly and wash, if needed, by hand or on wool cycle with mild wool detergent & let it flat dry. You can also use a wool spray with natural oils to keep your product fresh. We do so before every shipping.

Measurements: (L)65 (W)95 cm

Materials: 100% Gotlandic wool

Weight: 0.3 kg

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