Indoor / Outdoor Fern Hanging Baskets - Green - Set of 2 by Faux Foliage from Fy!


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Product Details

The fern is an ideal "hanging basket" plant. The "delicate but full" leaves are seemingly made to spill out and over a pot, and the fresh look really brings home the sense of nature. This is a set of two leather ferns, complete with stunning "mossy-look" hanging baskets. Best of all, they are suitable for outdoors (as well as inside), meaning your decorating options are numerous (and year-round). Makes a great gift, too.

Measurements: (L)1ft 6in, (W)1ft 6in, (H)1ft 1in / (L)45.72cm, (W)45.72cm, (H)33.02cm - Weight: 9.72lbs / 4.41kg

Colour(s): Green

Material(s): Plastic, Iron Wire, PU, Nylon