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Create your own AI Generated Art

See how you can transform your home with AI Generated Art. Just type in a text prompt below and the Fy! Studio will create some unique artwork for free.

How to make AI Generated Art

Fy! Studio makes it easy for anyone to create they own AI Generated Art

1. Add your own unique idea or text prompt

2. Select one of the AI Art Styles

3. Choose your favourite from the AI generated art

What is AI Generated Art?

AI generated art is a type of art that is created with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms such as Stable Diffusion and Dall-e. These AI generating tools are able to turn simple text prompts (or ideas) and images into a unique bit of art which has never been seen before.

Once the AI art has been created shoppers are then able to order their image as a piece of framed art for their walls.

The true power of AI generated art is that the possibilities are limitless. Using text to describe your ideas and vision you can generate art for literally anything.

The Fy! Studio makes it super easy to experiment with creating AI art – simply add a text prompt, select a visual style, and your AI generated art will be ready in seconds.

Is AI Generated art new?

Artificial intelligence has made remarkable strides in various industries, and the art world is no exception. AI generated art has gained traction in recent years, offering artists, designers, and enthusiasts an innovative and exciting way to create and experience visual masterpieces.

Whilst AI artwork became more well known in 2022 it has been in development by companies like OpenAI, Stability AI and Google for several years. What is new to the world of AI generated art is how easy it is for anyone to use the power of AI. Tools like The Fy! Studio have made it easy for users without technical experience to generate art quickly and cheaply.

What are the limits of AI Generated art

One of the most remarkable aspects of AI generated art is the seemingly endless creative potential it offers. Users can experiment with various styles, techniques, and themes, without the need for extensive artistic training or technical expertise.

The Fy! Studio AI generated art platform presents a user-friendly interface that enables effortless modification and fine-tuning of the final product, ensuring that the artistic vision is brought to life. This pioneering technology not only streamlines the creative process but also empowers users to create the art they always wanted for for free. Creators can then order their creations in a range of formats including framed prints.

What are the uses of AI Generated Art

There are several major uses of AI Generated art and as the creation of art in this way becomes more popular more use cases will emerge. Here is a list of the current most popular use cases:

Wall Art: People everywhere are using AI generated art for unique art for prints and canvases. Whether it’s a special gift for a loved one or the perfect decoration for your own home, AI generated art can help you create exactly the piece you need.

Social Media: Many users generate AI art work to use on their social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

Marketing: AI generated art work has become very popular in marketing as it allows users to create content quickly and easily to a clear brief.

Fun: For many AI generated Art has become a hobby and great way to spend their time and relax.

How do I write a prompt for AI generated art?

Crafting a prompt for AI generated art is a breeze. Start by thinking about what you want you want to see – simple right? Maybe it's a serene sunset over a calm lake or a bustling cityscape at dusk? Whatever it is, once you've settled on an idea, use detailed language to describe your scene.

Remember, the more specific your description, the better.

For instance, instead of just saying 'a city', try “a vibrant city teeming with life, with skyscrapers touching the clouds and lights twinkling like stars”. Feed this description into Fy! Studio, sit back and watch as our AI takes your idea and creates something just for you.

What styles can I pick for AI generated art?

Fy! Studio has a huge range of styles to choose from, you can even just add your prompt into the AI art generator and see what it creates without choosing a style.

The best part is that you can try out different styles on the same text prompts to really set your inspiration free. Imagine being able to get a beautiful sunset print for your favourite room, created in any style you want. Well, now you don't have to!

Fy! Studio features nearly 100 AI generated art styles including:

Art Deco

NY Street Art


Starry Night


Pop Art

Pastel Watercolour

Printable AI Generated Art from Fy! Studio

Once you’ve created your totally fresh piece of art, you’re going to want it to have pride of place in your home.

With Fy! Studio that’s only a few taps away, just choose your print size, frame type, and how quickly you want it to arrive – it’s that easy.

You can even find related original works from the hosts of artists who call Fy! home.

Fy! Studio FAQs

Common questions about AI generated art from Fy! Studio

AI Generated art is an image created using a computer programme such as The Fy! Studio, Midjourney or NightCafe.
To generate your own art simply type in your text prompt (the thing you'd like to see) into The Fy! Studio and select one of the AI art styles. Fy! Studio will then generate your unique image in a matter of seconds.
You don't the results from your generation then simply adjust the text prompt or the style you chose. Every time you generate you will get new results so each time you will see something new.
There are a wide range of used for AI Generated Art. Many user choose to get their artwork printed and framed to display on their walls. Other AI Art creators use their images on social media or for marketing purposes.
Other than the Fy! Studio the most popular tools to make AI artwork are MidJournery, Nightcafe and Dall-e.
Bring your imagination to life with our text-to-image AI generator. Using advanced AI, it can interpret your text and whip up corresponding art, making it the perfect tool for unique art in your home, storytelling, or design projects.
Our AI text-to-image generator is a magic wand waiting to be waved. In a few seconds, your creative vision can turn into a reality, ready to be printed and hung in your home.
The legal landscape around AI generated art is still very much a work in progress. While we can't speak to the broader implications of AI art, rest assured that all content generated with our AI Image Generator complies with our T&Cs.
From people who want to decorate to, marketers, designers, and creative professionals, they’re all turning to Fy! Studio for their next dose of inspiration. Our tool is free and easy to use, meaning anyone can create some AI generated art.
Our AI model generates images based on your text input and chosen style and aspect. While we can't promise every piece of AI generated art will be one-of-a-kind, we’re very confident that you’ll never see your designs on anyone else’s wall.
We might be a bit biased but if you want a seriously bespoke piece of wall art for your home, then AI generated art is the way to go. In no time at all you can bring your imagination to life and have something ready to print and hang.
It sure is, Fy!'s text-to-image generator is as friendly to beginners as it is to pros. Its straightforward interface makes creating AI generated art a breeze. Just pop in your text prompt, and let the generator do the rest.
Feel free to use your AI generated art for any legal purpose. However, it's your responsibility to make sure the content complies with relevant laws and Fy! can offer no guarantee the images won't infringe on any third-party intellectual property rights.

Example Prompts For An AI Image Generator

Here's some art we made earlier using our AI Image Generator

Prompt: pasta cat

Style: Cut Out Paper

Format: Portrait

Prompt: sunset vista in Spain

Style: Cubo Futuristic

Format: Landscape

Prompt: bus driving in space

Style: Pop Art

Format: Square

Reviews of AI Art generated on Fy! Studio

See what users think about the images they have created on the Fy! Studio Art Generator

AI image of a girl in starry sky

I love that I'm able to create art based exactly on my own ideas. The quality and speed of the Fy! Studio is amazing - it made my AI art in seconds

Couple dancing in an abstract style created by AI

It's amazing how you create art in such a wide range of styles using AI. I tried a whole range of text prompts and all the art work generated were unique and interesting.

Watercolour style image of flowers made by AI

It's so easy to create detailed AI art using Fy! Studio - by adding lots of detail to the text prompt you really can create anything - it's fantastic.