Selling Art with Fy!: Our approach to marketing your work

Written by
Fiona Cambridge
Published on
February 20, 2024

Marketing is where our strength lies, with over 2M customers on our database and over 1M social followers, we've built up a successful global brand and are now recognised as a bestselling art site. We invest heavily in theUK, EU, Australia and US. This means that we're always finding an audience for your products, where ever in the world they are.

Our marketing strategy is always evolving to make sure we're making the most out of new platforms and tools but here are some of our "always on" techniques we use to get your artwork seen by the world.

Harnessing the power of search engines

Our team of developers, data analysts and digital marketers are constantly optimizing Fy! to make sure we're ranking as highly as possible on the major search engines. This means every thing from making sure our website is super fast to making tweaks to product names to make sure they meet best practices. We're also using cutting edge AI to make sure our products are served to highest converting search terms on Google shopping.

Getting your art in front of the right shoppers

Unlike other Art sites, we will complete all of your tagging for you! We’ll apply our trend & site knowledge to add tags to your prints so once you've clicked publish, you'll see them appearing across the site and so will our customers. This means any relevant campaigns or promotional shops will feature your work. 

The Fy! App

Our app combines inspirational shopping with new technology to provide each customer with a personalised shopping experience. This means each shopper will see a custom feed depending on what they are interested in, so your prints will appear first to the people most interested in your style. 

Influencer collaborations

We have 2,000+ Influencers engaged in Fy! social projects at any one time. We work with influencers and content creators to create beautiful creative that we can utilise in both organic and paid marketing efforts across target platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok. 

Emails to millions

We send daily newsletters to over 2M customers highlighting different campaigns, from seasonal trends to Artist spotlights there's something for everyone and your prints will feature in these.

Always-on PR

Ever wanted your prints in the press? We have a PR team scheduling seasonal campaigns and gift guides to major magazines all year round, such as The Times, Stylist, & Cosmopolitan.

Artist highlights on our channels

Check out interviews with our Artist community on Instagram here! We are always on the lookout to repost your Fy! shoutouts, hear about your new collections or share Artists insights on our socials. 

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