Selling Art with Fy!: Key Benefits

Written by
Fiona Cambridge
Published on
February 20, 2024

Every week hundreds of artists are starting to make money from their artwork by selling their creations on Fy!. Here are a few of the key reasons so many artists are joining Fy!

Fy! has a global reach

Marketing is where our strength lies, with over 2M customers on our database and over 1m followers on social media, we've built up a successful global brand and are now recognised as a bestselling art site.  We invest heavily in our European, US and Australian markets, from daily newsletters to a non-stop influencer programme. This means that no matter where you're based you can reach a truly global audience.

Fy! has an ever growing range of products

Our products are museum quality 

We’re obsessive about the quality of our finished product - we want your art to last and shoppers to love the vibrancy. It’s why we’re the top rated art marketplace on Trustpilot (rated 4.8 / 5). All our products are made to order using the highest quality and most sustainable materials we can find.

Fy! Framed Canvas

All our artists get a trade discount

You can access a wholesale discount on your product range, so if you need a new supplier for your own shop look no further. Our printers are based locally in the UK, US, EU and Australia and offer the highest quality print on demand fine art prints available today. Plus, their framing is second to none for the price with high end professional framing.  Your art will look stunning and importantly last for years!

Fy! art is made using the brightest inks

We handle all logistics, everywhere

We have an international network of printers which means we can produce most products in the market they have been ordered from. This means we're able to deliver to 190 countries with a minimal  amount of shipping time and emissions. All this allows you to sell to a global audience without any hassle.

You can set your own pricing and commission

Artist who join our "Fy! Picks" programme get the option to control their pricing. We have a tiered commission system which lets you pick from 10% to 30%, plus another 10% commission when you use your referral code. 

We’ll cover the marketing spend, the printing, packaging and the customer service on so you'll earn nearly half of the revenue from each order

It's free to sell on Fy!

Finally, unlike other art marketplaces it's free to sell your art on Fy! and you can upload as many artworks as you like.

Sign up to start making money from your artwork here.

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