It's not all about looking great.

At Fy! we're on a mission to help everyone feel great about their homes

This is about more than just having a home full of great products - it's about supporting brands, business and people who share the same values that we do.

That's why we undertake a range of projects that seek to protect the world around us and support sections of society who haven't had the representation they deserve.

We've worked to make our art products as sustainable as possible:

Minimal packaging

We use the smallest amount of packaging possible while still ensuring our artwork arrives looking its best.

Sustainable materials

Our inks are Water-based, non-PVC, 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free & vegan friendly. Our paper is sourced from sustainably-managed forests and is plastic-free.

Zero-wasted stock

Our ‘print to order’ method means that we never stock that goes to waste.

Local production

To keep transport as low as possible we work with local printers to make sure the products are made as close to the end user as possible.

The brands we work with abide by three main sustainability criteria:


To use the most sustainable choice of material available, without impacting the quality of the product.


To use the minimum about of packaging material as possible.


To support their staff and pay them fairly for the work they do.