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AI Interior Decorator - Transform your room in seconds with the latest AI

Reimagine your room into a range of the latest interior design styles.

What is an AI Interior Decorator

An AI Interior Decorator refers to an artificial intelligence system or software that is designed to assist or automate various tasks related to interior design. This technology combines the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis to provide creative and practical solutions for interior spaces.

The capabilities of an AI Interior Designer can vary depending on the complexity of the system and the specific tasks it is programmed to perform.

FAQs about AI Interior Decorator

Everything you need to know about an AI Interior Decorator

The Fy! Rooms AI Interior Decorator is free to use.
To use and AI Interior Decorator you simply have to upload an image of your room and then select on of the design styles. The AI Interior Decorator will then transform the image of your room into the selected styles in a matter of seconds.
There is a whole range of uses of the design ideas created using an AI Interior Decorator. The most common ones are to use the ideas generated as a basis for your design project. Other uses include content for social media accounts.

How to use an AI Interior Decorator

Three steps to design your room with AI

Upload a picture of your room

Select one of the room design styles

See how your room could look