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Woodgrain Outline Wallpaper in Tonal Pink by Mineheart


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Product Details

Designed by Emanuele Pangrazi, the striking yet minimalistic ‘Outlines’ collection consists of a series of iconic decorations, symbolizing the elements of woodgrain, paneling, bookshelves, quilting, and bricks.

“The study for this collection began with an analysis of the archetypes and decorative textures typically associated with the walls. The extreme synthesis of the signs and the elimination of all that is superfluous give the collection a graphic and modern appearance. But the core of the study was the research on colours to give greater emphasis to decorations. The colours chosen are pastels, in line with current trends and in some cases I had fun with daring combinations of surreal and gaudy colours. In front of this variety I can only say, “play with colours everywhere!” .” - Emanuele Pangrazi

Roll size: (L) 1000 (W) 52 cm

Materials: FSC-approved non-woven paper

Weight: 1.8 kg kg

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