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Warming Pillow, Coco The Cat in Black / Black by Leschi


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Product Details

In the wild, Coco the cat uses her tail to safely help her climb. She also uses hugging skills in her normal life as a domestic cat. This means she can use the whole length of her body to wrap herself around your hips whilst warming your belly and lower back.

# Warming pillow for the belly and back

# Keeps you warm for 45 minutes

# May be heated in a microwave or oven

# Length: 50-105 cm, adjustable for a snug fit around the body

# Protects the lower back and bladder from the cold, chills and draughts

# Relieves back tension (e.g. after a long day at the computer)

# Soothes stomach pains and menstrual cramps

# Stretchable fabric for comfort and cosiness

# Cover washable at 30 °C

Measurements: (L)120 (W)14 (H)4 cm

Materials: Cover: Fleece (100 % polyester), Cover Inlay: 100 % cotton, Filling: 100 % organic wheat

Weight: 0,64 kg

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