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Strainer Ladle in Red by UCHICOOK

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Save your time by scooping and straining simultaneously! Use it as a normal ladle, then tilt to quickly strain. The built-in resting edge keeps the head raised off the work surface. Made in Japan.

-Use it as a regular ladle, or tilt it to drain the liquid and scoop up just the ingredients.

-Perfect for ladling soup and stew.

-Slim, Stainless Steel handle looks sophisticated in your kitchen.

-The head is raised off the work surface to avoid messy contact, so you can set it down anywhere.

-The material of the head will not scratch or damage your pan and is heat-resistant up to 482F(240C).

Measurements: L28XW8.5XH8.5cm

Materials: Head: Nylon 66 + Glass Fiber; Handle: Stainless Steel

Weight: 80g

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