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Steam Grill with Glass Cover by UCHICOOK

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UCHICOOK’s STEAM GRILL steams and grills food at the same time, which prevents essential nutrients from being stripped during the cooking process and shortens cooking time. Once grilling is complete, simply add water to the ridge surrounding the grill and place the lid on for trapping the steam inside. The double powers from grilling and steaming shorten your cooking time by 1/3 and make your dish perfectly juicy and tender. The high-quality Japan-made surface is non-stick and easy to clean, which allows you to cook without oil. The thick plate distributes heat evenly and retains it for quicker cooking. The stay-cool handles ‘heat-resistance is up to 284 F. It can be used over direct flame, induction cooktop, or any other stovetop. With the glass lid, it’s clear to check inside. Also easy to store in your drawer when it is placed upside down.

✓Body made of durable aluminum alloy.

✓Stay-cool handles’ heat-resistant up to 284 F.

✓Nonstick surface with diamond particles resists scratching, making it guaranteed to last for a long time.

✓Perfect for time-saving and healthier cooking.

✓Lid minimizes smoke and smell.

✓The ribbed plate drains excess grease.

Measurements: W40XL21.5XH7.9cm


Body: Aluminum alloy

Inside surface: Fluororesin film coating

Bottom: Steel thermal spraying coating

Lid: Steel

Handles: Black – Phenolic resin / Red – Melamin resin

Weight: 1.8kg

Notes: Safe for various cooktops including gas and induction. (There are some foreign-manufactured induction cooktops that are incompatible with this product)

Not dishwasher safe

Country of origin: Japan

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