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Spinning Around Necklace - Rose Gold by Buff Jewellery

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A lovestruck twist on the classic spinner necklace.

This adorable necklace features a love heart centre – suspended on a central axis and encapsulated in a heart shaped outer surround. The inner heart spins freely in mid air and comes to rest laying flat against your skin.

Add a the personal touch of your one and only to each side for a real heart melting show stopper. There's room for up to three characters on the front and back.

The lettering style is block capitals and is applied by hand using a letter punch. Small and large letter sizes are available - large is used for single or double characters and small is used for three characters or more.

Take it for a whirl. We’ll move outta the way.


Necklace (L) 46 cm with a 5 cm adjustable attachment

Charm (W) 1.1 cm

Materials: Rose gold plated sterling silver

Weight: 50 g

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