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Sandpaper Tray in Champagne by Vij5

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For the ‘Sandpaper Tray’ Thomas and Anne (Baas & Kleinbloesem) wanted to create a useful object able to show a honest and pure technique Thomas used earlier for his graduation project. The tray is produced by a combination of dedicated handwork and an industrial finishing process. The aluminium is sanded by hand in different directions to create a balanced graphical pattern. On some parts the directions of the ‘fields’ intersect. After sanding, the tray is given its shape and is being anodised to give it a strong top layer. The tray looks different from every angle, where the light reflects differently in the grains of the sanded surfaces.

Measurements: dimensions

Ø 45cm, (H)2,5cm


Anodised aluminium tray in 'champagne' color

Designed by Baas & Kleinbloesem together with Vij5

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