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Saison Bleu Scented Candle & Coupe Méche Candle Wick Trimmer by Victor Vaissier

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Saision Bleu Bougie parfumée͛, with its blend of cinnamon, cloves and hints of vanilla, is a peppery yet delicate room fragrance. All our products are inspired by Victor Vaissier͛s classic fragrances developed in Paris, 1889.

Scent: Cinnamon, cloves & vanilla

The elegant matte black wick trimmer, made from 100% steel, is designed to neatly trim wicks, helping to maintain an even burn and extend the life of your candle. Coupe-Mèches tailor-made design allows for the clipped wick to be removed cleanly and safely, making it the ideal accompaniment to your favourite Victor Vaissier scented candle.


Soy & paraffin wax - lead free wick

Measurements: Ø 9 cm (H) 10 cm - 220 g

Hazardous ingredients: cinnamaldehyde, eugenol, dipentene, coumarin, linalool, cineole.

May cause an allergic skin reaction.


Measurements: (L) 7 (W) 2.5 (H) 18.5 cm - 67.5 g

Materials: 100% painted stainless steel

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