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Royal Wall Sticker Decal by Walplus

  • Decal Size: 10x10cm, 15x15cm, 20x20cm
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The human mind loves patterns. We draw them in everyday life, design our architecture around them, and unsurprisingly, most of our home decor is centered around pleasing, colourful patterns. For example, this lovely sticker set for your staircase! Give a place that's often overlooked some serious style. All you need to do to install these stickers is peel and stick onto any clean, flat surface. It's easier than ever to give your home the decor you deserve!

Package Contains (choose your size):

24 pieces of stickers 10 x 10 cm, Coverage area: 0.24m2

24 pieces @ 15x15cm, Coverage area of 0.54m2

12 pieces @ 20x20cm, Coverage area of .48m2

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