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Round Hardy Felt Ball Rug in Stone by myfelt


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Sizes & Options

  • Rug Size: Ø 120 cm, Ø 140 cm, Ø 90cm

Product Details

Pretty exciting. With its dynamic color combination, Hardy presents itself in every living room with character. The passionate color ensemble, consisting of strong earth tones, marbled anthracite and soft pastel grey tones, creates a very special room atmosphere. Hardy combines a warm yet modern look that provides a pleasant contrast. A real eye-catcher. Hardy takes the viewer on a journey between nature and modernity and presents itself as a reliable partner for aesthetic home decor. A felt pebble rug full of expressiveness and calming soul.

Size Options

Ø 90 cm (H) 2 cm

Ø 120 cm (H) 2 cm

Ø 140 cm (H) 2 cm

Materials: New Zealand virgin wool

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