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Round Fritz Felt Ball Rug in Blue/Green/White by myfelt


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Sizes & Options

  • Rug Size: Ø 120 cm, Ø 140 cm, Ø 90cm

Product Details

With Fritz, it is easy to dance through life. It inspires with rich natural colors and reduced pastel shades. Its noticeable maritime touch is no coincidence, as the felt ball rug creates a lively, fresh breeze in your own home, thanks to the strong shades of green and blue. Thanks to its ingenious color combination, Fritz can be playfully combined with almost any floor covering and home accessory. Fritz skillfully stages himself and brings a great deal of freedom to your four walls. A round and square felt ball rug with a strong character to fall in love with.

Size Options

Ø 90 cm (H) 2 cm

Ø 120 cm (H) 2 cm

Ø 140 cm (H) 2 cm

Materials: New Zealand virgin wool

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