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Porcelain Crystalline Vase - Sapphire by R.L.Foote Design Studio


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  • Vase Size: M, S

Product Details

This lustrous glaze has a sapphire-blue sheen and looks absolutely majestic on the minimal oval shaped vase. There are variations of the glaze, from glossy with a few crystals to satin finish with thousands small crystals. This glaze effect is obtained with a unique glaze formula comprised from a number of minerals.

The simple tactile form of the vase, handmade out of fine imperial porcelain, brings the attention to texture and sheen of the glaze. Available in three sizes and as a cup.

---About Crystalline Glaze---

The complex crystalline effect is achieved by growing crystals in the molten glaze under the extreme heat and pressure of the kiln. Each glaze is a unique recipe mixed up from up to 10 different minerals that reveal their vibrant colours in the firing.

A lot of testing and refinement is involved while creating the recipes to make sure the glaze shows off its best qualities. Nevertheless, each piece still takes its own identity in the firing and is completely unique and unrepeatable.


Small: (L)4,6cm(W)7,7cm(H)12,2cm ; 200g (may vary slightly)

Medium: (L)7,5cm(W)12,5cm(H)19,4cm ; 600g (may vary slightly)

Large: (L)11,2cm(W)18,7cm(H)29,5cm ; 2200g (may vary slightly)

Materials: Imperial Porcelain

Colour: As shown - Sapphire

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