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Plant Growing Paper (LOL) by Leafling


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Product Details

Handmade “Lokta” paper with incorporated plant seeds

Format: between 15x15cm to 17x17cm (each)

Grammage: 300g – 500g/sqm

100% handmade

100% biological

100% decomposable

1) Remove LEAFLING from the packaging and moisturize it. If you have no suitable container, the plastic film packaging can act as a waterproof surface. The paper must now be kept moist – like a sponge. In general, it is sufficient to moisten the paper in the morning and evening. On hot days or when the room temperature is high it may have to be moistened three times daily.

2) After about 3-4 days the first seeds germinate. After about 7-10 days, a tender green shoot should be visible. Through growth the seedlings press the thin protective layer upwards (it will be partially penetrated by the seedling). When most of the seeds have germinated, the protective layer must be carefully removed.

3) Now your LEAFLING starts growing more and more. With regular moisturizing, ideal room temperature and good light conditions your LEAFLING can thrive for several weeks.

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