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Paring, Utility & Chef's Knife Set by Berghoff

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Paring knife description: This stainless steel paring knife is cut out for the job! Because of the seamless transition to the matching black handle and the non-stick coating on the blade you don’t need to worry about food or dirt sticking to the knife. Measurements (L): 8.5 (W) 0 (H) 0

Utility knife description: Its sharp blade with titanium and non-stick coating ensures your food won’t stick to the knife while the heavy bolster gives perfect balance for increased control. Measurements (L): 13 (W) 0 (H) 0

Chef's knife description: This 13 cm chef’s knife is a great multifunctional knife to precisely cut, slice, dice or chop your favourite ingredients. Because it’s smaller than a standard chef’s knife, it’s lightweight and easy to handle. Measurements (L): 13 (W) 0 (H) 0