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My Laos 460 Silver Rug by Obsession

  • Rug Size: 120x170(cm), 160x230(cm), 200x285(cm), 80x235(cm)
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If you love the grand gesture and do not hide your penchant for the imposing design of your home decor, then OBSESSION has the designer rug

My Laos for you! Its production is carried out in a high-quality

cross-woven process, with velvety Soft-PE The

result is the feeling of flowing silk under your feet.This exclusivity

continues in an opulent design.Created in classic style and staged by

rich antique colors, this designer rug presents itself as a small,

modern touch.

Ā  Order OBSESSIONs My Laos and give your home a sophisticated atmosphere!

Measurements: 80 x 150(cm); 120 x 170(cm); 160 x 230(cm); 200 x 290(cm) in option

Materials: Pile-Soft Polyester ; Back-Cotton