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Mediterranean Skye Classic Blue Wall Sticker Decal by Walplus


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Sizes & Options

  • Decal Size: 10x10cm, 15x15cm, 20x20cm

Product Details

Revolutionize the way you feel about your walls, with an elaborate update that is both satisfying and uncomplicated. This high quality tile decal will make your family and guests feel as if they've been magically transported to a quaint riverside cafe in Rome. Serve tea and coffee amidst the perfect background, or simply update any living space without any trouble of knocking down walls! This high quality wall sticker has rich tones of cerulean, with sparks of vibrant yellow, perfect for bringing your room the vibe you've been craving! The mesmerizing tiles and designs will captivate your attention, but the installation will only keep you busy for a few moments! Each finely crafted sticker is self-adhesive and all you need to do after removing the backing is apply to your selected clean, dry flat surface! That's it!

Package Contains (choose your size):

24 pieces of stickers 10 x 10 cm, Coverage area: 0.24m2

24 pieces @ 15x15cm, Coverage area of 0.54m2

12 pieces @ 20x20cm, Coverage area of .48m2

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