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Mahal Runner Rug - Red / Navy by Safavieh

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Product Details

The timeless style of Persian rugs that have graced elegant homes and grand palaces for centuries are celebrated in the richly colored rugs of the Mahal Collection. Power-loomed of long-wearing, easy-care polypropylene yarn, these elaborately detailed rugs add heirloom character and brilliant hues to any traditional or classy-casual room decor.

Size options:

(L)72in, (W)26in, (H)0.4in / (L)182.9cm, (W)66cm, (H)0.9cm - Weight: 7lbs / 3.2kg

(L)96in, (W)26in, (H)0.4in / (L)243.8cm, (W)66cm, (H)0.9cm - Weight: 9lbs / 4.1kg

(L)120in, (W)26in, (H)0.4in / (L)304.8cm, (W)66cm, (H)0.9cm - Weight: 12lbs / 5.4kg

(L)144in, (W)26in, (H)0.4in / (L)365.8cm, (W)66cm, (H)0.9cm - Weight: 14lbs / 6.4kg

(L)168in, (W)26in, (H)0.4in / (L)426.7cm, (W)66cm, (H)0.9cm - Weight: 16lbs / 7.3kg

(L)192in, (W)26in, (H)0.4in / (L)487.7cm, (W)66cm, (H)0.9cm - Weight: 18lbs / 8.2kg

(L)216in, (W)26in, (H)0.4in / (L)548.6cm, (W)66cm, (H)0.9cm - Weight: 21lbs / 9.5kg

(L)240in, (W)26in, (H)0.4in / (L)609.6cm, (W)66cm, (H)0.9cm - Weight: 23lbs / 10.4kg

(L)264in, (W)26in, (H)0.4in / (L)670.6cm, (W)66cm, (H)0.9cm - Weight: 25lbs / 11.3kg

Colour(s): Red, Navy

Material(s): Polypropylene