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Leather/Crochet Touchscreen Gloves by Mujjo


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Sizes & Options

  • Glove Size: Large, Medium, Small

Product Details

Regular leather gloves don’t work with touchscreens; these leather gloves do! These leather crochet gloves work flawlessly with almost every touchscreen, enabled by a revolutionary nanotechnology.

A unique blend of contemporary aesthetics and state of the art nanotechnology, these crochet touch gloves will bring you in the mood for the winter and keep you connected during those cold days. Crafted out a of powerful combination of Ethiopian lambskin and Egyptian cotton, these Leather Crochet touchscreen gloves are an undeniable essential that are a great addition to any design conscious winter wardrobe.

Capacitive touchscreens work by sensing the conductive properties of your skin. Revolutionary nanotechnology integrated into the leather of the gloves mimics the conductive properties of the human skin; this makes the gloves touchscreen compatible. The nanotechnology functions independent from the human skin, which enables us to fully insulate the gloves with a layer of cashmere lining. The leather fully retains its characteristics, affording the wearer maximum comfort and dexterity just like any other glove. The gloves are designed from the ground up for the purpose of an unrestricted touchscreen experience.

Made from the finest Ethiopian lambskin, known for offering the best insulation properties of any kind of leather. Mujjo’s leather crochet touchscreen gloves do not only provide functionality, but also warmth, durability, and a comfortable fit. The matte finishing of the leather contributes to a minimal yet quintessential urban look.

The entire glove is lined with cashmere from the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. The lightweight cashmere known for its fine texture makes the gloves soft to touch and offers excellent insulation properties. When wearing our gloves, you'll instantly notice the quality of the materials used through the smooth but warm feel, soft tones and intense color.

Size options:

Measurements: (L)23cm, (W)10.5cm, (H)1cm - Weight: 0.1kg

Measurements: (L)23.5cm, (W)11cm, (H)1cm - Weight: 0.11kg

Measurements: (L)24cm, (W)11.5cm, (H)1cm - Weight: 0.12kg

Colour(s): Black

Materials: Leather

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