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Large Green Vase by Return to Sender


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This beautiful vase is one of the main showpieces of our collection. Made by mostly female artisans of a family company in northern Thailand. They make and paint the porcelain by hand. During the production of this vase, 3 people help to remove the vase from the mould and two people dip it in the paint. These women teach themselves new techniques by continually experimenting, which helps them to become better craftswomen. This product is the result of their skills and the collaboration with designer Laura de Monchy.

Their Living

The production of the porcelain products provides employment for the local population. This contributes to a better standard of living for employees and their families. In collaboration with Plan Nederland, part of the profit is spent on vocational training, mostly for young women, in developing countries. A beautiful product for you, a better life for them.

The vases are handmade and unique, which may result in some charming imperfections. The products may therefore be a little different from those in the photo.

Measurements: (L) 28 (W) 28 (H) 45 cm

Materials: Porcelain

Weight: 4kg

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