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Knife Set 3 by Berghoff

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Paring knife description: Its smaller stainless steel blade is perfect for precision jobs while the pointed tip can also be used to test the tenderness of your vegetables or meat or remove the seeds from a chili pepper. Measurements (L): 8.5 (W) 0 (H) 0

Utility knife description: It’s great for precision cutting, slicing cheeses, deveining shrimps and many more everyday cutting tasks. Designed for excellent control, this non-stick knife is a real must-have in your knife set. Measurements (L): 13 (W) 0 (H) 0

Small Chef's knife description: The titanium and non-stick coating on the blade ensures your food slides right off. Like all the other Ron knives, this chef’s knife is well-balanced with a heavy bolster for increased control. Measurements (L): 13 (W) 0 (H) 0

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