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Fire Extinguisher "Oiva" in Black by Jalo Helsinki


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Product Details

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Jalo Oiva is the world´s first design extinguisher meant especially for kitchen.• Easy to use thanks to the effortless spray nozzle solution.• A beautiful extinguisher that is kept near is quick to reach in case of emergency.• The distinctive bird design by Oiva Toikka makes it a truly essential part of the home interior.• Maintenance free.

Product (H x W xD): 281mm x117 mm x 77mm, Packaging (H x W x D) 295mm x 135mm x 80mm

"Extinguishing power 2A, 25F: Suitable for fires resulting from cooking oil/fats in frying and baking equipment (fire class F) and pans, extractor hoods and shafts solid materials (Class A fires) e.g.: wood, plastics, textiles, etc. Note! The extinguishing agent is not suitable for extinguishing burning fluids (fire rating B)

Weight and Height 700 g . 281mm (11 inches)

Contents (net) 300 ml

Casting distance Approximately 4 m Spraying duration Approximately 35 sec

Propellant Elastomer force element - No propellant gas

Extinguishant Fluid: biodegradable high performance for extinguishing agent based on organic salts. Includes 1,2,3-Benzotriazole >0.1≤0.25%w/w

Operating temperature -20°C to+70°C.

Maintenance Maintenance free

Other Applicable for electrical systems up to 1000 V (minimum spray distance 1 m)"

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