Double Bamboo Palm Plant with Decorative Planter - Green by Faux Foliage from Fy!


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When two is better than one! This unique offering combines two faux bamboo palms into an intricately designed planter, giving it a fullness that is unsurpassed. In fact, it's has such body that you'll be wondering what's hiding inside! Trust us, if you like lush greenery, but hate watering, this is the PERFECT silk plant for you. Makes a great gift as well.

Measurements: (L)2ft 2in, (W)2ft, (H)2ft 11in / (L)66.04cm, (W)60.96cm, (H)88.9cm - Weight: 26.72lbs / 12.12kg

Colour(s): Green

Material(s): Plastic, Iron Wire, Polyester Materials, Glue, Styrofoam, PVC Leather, Plywood, Bamboo - Poaceae