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Confetti Triangles in Brass (Set of 16) by Umbra

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Inspired by polka dot patterns, Confetti, was designed to make a big impact with very little effort. The polished surface creates a reflective and interactive pattern on the wall. Two different offset heights of the product allow the shapes to be overlapped when mounted, lending itself to a confetti-inspired look. Use the product to create a random design or an organized shape. The peel and stick backing make it a breeze to install. This versatile design will make a big impact in kid???s rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices and more.

DESIGNED BY LAURA CARWARDINE: Laura designed confetti to make a big impact with very little effort, create a random pattern or an organized shape using this playful and interactive wall decor

Measurements: Each triangle has a diameter of 3 x 3 inches

Materials: stamped polished brass

Weight: 0.4 kg