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Confetti Dots in Copper (Set of 16) by Umbra

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Designer: Laura Carwardine

Inspired by polka dot patterns, Confetti, was designed to make a big impact with very little effort. The polished surface creates a reflective and interactive pattern on the wall. Two different offset heights of the product allow the shapes to be overlapped when mounted, lending itself to a confetti-inspired look. Use the product to create a random design or an organized shape. The peel and stick backing make it a breeze to install. This versatile design will make a big impact in kid’s rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices and more.

Three dimensional confetti dot wall decals are made of stamped polish copper

Easy to install with convenient peel and stick adhesive backing. Simply peel off backing to expose adhesive and position as desired.

Measures 2 3/4" dia. (7 cm dia.) per dot

Sold as a set of 16

Measurements: (L)6.985(W)6.985(W)1.6 cm

Materials: stamped copper, adhesive

Colour: Shiny Copper

Weight: 0,3kg