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CONE Charcoal Grill Bundle (set of 3) by Hoefats


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Product Details

CONE is the worldwide first charcoal grill where you can adjust the heat directly. It thus translates the comfort of a gas grill to a charcoal grill – with real embers, real fire and a real atmosphere. The immediate, direct and intuitive heat regulation is made possible by the principle of combining the distance of the heat source to the grillables with the air supply. In case high heat is required, e.g. for sealing in the juices of the meat, the coal grid and thus the heat source can be simply lifted. To reduce heat, just lower the coal grid and thereby the air supply will automatically decrease.

In order to protect CONE optimally, we have developed a covering hood. The waterproof material in combination with a high-tech zip protects from dirt and moisture. The hood covers CONE like a second skin and protects your grill even when it is sent to winter sleep in autumn. Due to the integra- ted carrying handles, CONE can be transported comfortably.

Shelf space is always useful by grilling - the cold drink is close at hand and the grillables wait right beside the bbq grid to be cooked. The board is attached with one move - as well as removed. The outstanding surface hardness makes bamboo one of the most durable timbers. Furthermore bamboo contains a natural antibacterium, making it perfect for the use as a cutting board.


Grill: (L) 60 (W) 60 (H) 105 cm - 17 kg

Cover: (L) 42 (W) 32 (H) 4.5 cm - 0.77 kg

Board: (L) 40 (W) 31 (H) 2 kg - 1.75 kg

Materials: Nylon, polyester, bamboo wood and stainless steel

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