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Chipolo Classic 2th GEN WHITE by Chipolo

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RANGE: 200ft - line of sight (60m)

THICKNESS: 0.2in (5mm)

SIZE: 1.38in ø (35mm ø)



BATTERY LIFE: 9 months replaceable

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with iOS 9 and later, and devices running Android 4.4 and later.

VOICE CONTROLLED: Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on smart speakers and mobile devices with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa app installed.

Never lose your keys, phone or wallet again with Chipolo Plus — the world’s loudest Bluetooth tracker. Its tiny so you can slide, drop or attach Chipolo Plus to anything you don’t want to lose, and use our easy-to-use app to make it ring or see the last place you had it. If it’s your phone you’re looking for, simply double press your Chipolo Plus to make your phone ring — even if it’s on silent. Chipolo's global community spans 150 countries and helps people locate thousands of items every day.

Strengths: Ideal to find your keys, purse, wallet, bags, the location of your car ... | 60m coverage area in open area | Outside this area, the application remembers the last GPS position of the object and the point on a map

(L) 3.5 (W) 0.5 (H) 3.5 cm

Materials: Plastic